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Understanding the Sexual Harassment Definition

The sexual harassment definition has evolved with the passage of time, where conduct that was once viewed as acceptable has now been deemed discriminatory under the law. Sexual harassment has been a continuing source of problems in the workplace for as long as the genders have worked together. Sexual harassment is any sort of unwelcome sexual conduct between one employee and another, regardless of gender. Unwelcome sexual conduct can manifest itself in many different ways and includes joking, touching, discussing sexual activities or proposing an exchange of sexual activity for a promotion or raise. Sexual harassment can lead to gender or sexual discrimination. In instances where a victim fails to respond to or rebuffs sexual harassment, his or her job may become more difficult and uncomfortable.

The conduct discussed above violates sexual harassment law. If you believe you are a victim of sexual harassment, consult with a sexual harassment lawyer in New York. Not everything qualifies as sexual harassment—you may be experiencing sexual favoritism, which is slightly different from sexual harassment—but if you feel uncomfortable or threatened, you may have a valid sexual harassment lawsuit on your hands. Sexual harassment laws are very strict and are designed to protect employee rights against sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and sexual discrimination.

Sexual harassment must be dealt with. If you tolerate it for too long, it will become the workplace norm. Additionally, if you wait too long to file a claim with a sexual harassment lawyer in New York, you may be out of luck: Sexual harassment law allows a victim a certain amount of time to file a claim, but once that time frame passes no claim can be filed.

One reason an employee may not want to file a sexual harassment claim with a sexual harassment lawyer in New York is fear of retaliation by the employer. However, under the law, an employee cannot be retaliated in any manner by complaining about sexual harassment or by filing a lawsuit. The New York City sexual harassment lawyers of Fitapelli & Schaffer offer a free consultation regarding sexual harassment issues.