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Why choose a New York lawyer?

When you need help with sexual harassment, the first person you should consult with is a New York sexual harassment lawyer, such as Fitapelli & Schaffer. The firm offers a free consultation and many cases are taken on a pure contingency fee, meaning the client pays nothing unless money is recovered. If you’ve been a victim, you should consult with a sexual harassment attorney immediately to fight for your rights.

What is a sexual harassment attorney?

When you are choosing a New York sexual harassment lawyer to help with your case, you are bound to realize just how many lawyers there are. However, the New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers of Fitapelli & Schaffer are a boutique firm that offers unparalleled services and personal attention. The firm is very aggressive and is very proud of the favorable results it has been able to achieve for its clients in many different fields, such as: finance, banking, advertising, customer service, telecom and restaurants.

Victims of sexual harassment on the job are often too embarrassed or ashamed to speak up about what happened. Having a New York City sexual harassment attorney on your side will make you feel less alone, making you more willing to speak up about what happened. Highlighting harassment on the job is a major step forward in eradicating it entirely, which is the passion of a New York sexual harassment attorney.

Every NY employment lawyer wants to see sexual harassment cases end, but a sexual harassment attorney is dedicated to handling cases involving sexual harassment on the job. The expertise and intelligence of this type of New York lawyer will make you feel more comfortable and secure about the entire legal process. After suffering from sexual harassment on the job, you working with a New York sexual harassment attorney, such as Fitapelli & Schaffer will help you discover that you have done nothing wrong and do not deserve to be treated unfairly at work. A job should be a fair and respectful place for everyone, regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity or sexual preference. A NY employment lawyer will help resolve any of these employment disputes, but if you want the best help regarding sexual harassment on the job, consult with a NY sexual harassment attorney immediately.